About Us

Started in 2016, we're a data analytics platform primarily focused around the gaming industry. We bridge consumers with visualised data extracted from external APIs and services.


Top-End Hardware

We strive in ensuring our sites load quickly, we run all our sites on a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X, configured with 128GB DDR4 RAM and a blazing fast 1TB Solid State Drive.

Active Projects

BazaarTracker Logo

Bazaar Tracker

A game item price monitoring platform providing an insight into profitable items.

AuctionTracker Logo

SkyBlock Auctions

A auction price monitoring platform providing an insight into which items sell for less on average.

SkyValue Logo


Our Discord community catered around using our sites to discuss SkyBlock and profitable in-game items.

GamerPage Logo


An upcoming gamer focused profile page system providing endless statistics.

Coming Soon

Tracking hundreds of Hypixel SkyBlock Items!

We log more than 35,000,000 rows of data every month.

Analyse Community

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